Ferrari 60 Relay - Final Celebration Maranello


For now 60 years, the brand with the prancing horse is producing race cars that make history and of course its world-famous street sports cars for the street.

Already at the 28th of January, a relay started throughout the world. A specially for this reason created baton included 60 icons for every year of Ferrari history from begin on until today. The baton traveled from country to country, always hand over from the one Ferrari representation to the next. Every particular stage passed typical attractions, famous buildings and regions of each country.

Finally, the last stage went through Italy to Rome and further on to its dedicated destination, into the the heart of Ferrari: Maranello.
From the 21st until the 25th of June, the final celebration took place, borne by emotions, wonderful cars, famous Formula 1 drivers and not least the Ferraristi, who celebrated "their Ferrari" with passion.

Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello

On Thursday, the ceremony began with a technical workshop for journalists. Engineers and technicians introduced the most important innovations in the car technology invented by Ferrari in the past 60 years.

To name a few, there is for example the invention of the car wing in 1968. The then constant growing power of Formula 1 cars demanded for a higher downforce. Ferrari's idea was as simple as effective - they just took the principle that makes an aircraft fly - and turned it the other way round. The effect was fantastic and Ferrari easily led the championship with the 312 F1 car. Very soon, the other teams adapted their cars. And today, you just can't imagine a F1-car without wings.
Within the decades, Ferrari worked a lot on aerodynamics. Then, from todays view plump models with affixed strings have been tested with ventilators on its effectiveness. A milestone in aerodynamics research was the opening of the wind tunnel at Pinin Farina in 1972. The cooperation with Ferrari got more intensive and from that time on they were able to work on models in scale 1:1. Completely new designs of car bodies were developed.

Today, a masterpiece of architecture - styled by star-architect Renzo Piano - contains the high-tech wind tunnel for the Formula 1 cars. Engineers and designers doing their best to get that these important milliseconds.

During the workshop held at the Fiorano Racetrack, the engineers gave a lecture about how to create a competitive race car. As there are the choice of tires, advancement on the brakes, aerodynamics and car electronics. Following the workshop, the new limited-edition of the Ferrari 612 has been presented. It is called "Sessenta" to remind of the 60-years celebration. In the afternoon, the technical models, prototypes and examples of technical invention were accessible for all the visitors and the engineers still could have been asked for everything "Ferrari".

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Sessenta Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Sessenta Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Sessenta

On Friday morning, the participants of the Concorso d'Eleganza got together at Fiorano Racetrack. Some of the nicest, rarest and most exotic Ferrari's lined up for a run through the region.
With the start signal at 10:30, more than a hundred cars started to move. At least one model per year of Ferrari history, starting with the oldest one from 1947 until the modern F430 from today.

While driving through the little Italian villages, a lot of fans stood in the streets to acclaim "their Ferrari". After the lunch break in Sassuolo, close to Maranello, the run ended at the Ferrari Factory.
The owners trove their cars kind of reverent through the historic front gate into the "birth place" of every Ferrari. At the site right behind the gate, the precious cars lined up in front of the factory senery, a wonderful panorama!

Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 500 TR Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Ferrari 250 GT Boano Ferrari 166 Inter Touring Coupe Ferrari 166 Inter Touring Coupe
Aufgenommen am 22. Juni 2007
Veranstaltung: Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello / Fiorano
Ferrari 365 California Spyder Ferrari Enzo Ferrari Ferrari F40 Ferrari F40

Who ever has the possibility to take part at the factory visitors tour, should do it. It is really worth it!
At first, you walk through th engine production. In this ultra-modern factory hall with a constant climate of 22°C, busy roboters put to more than a hundred °C cooled down piston rings into the engine block, then heat it up to get an insolvable connection.
In the light-flooded and clean halls, several Ferrari are on display. Very interesting for example a 360 Modena with unpainted surface and still visible markings of the aerodynamic research. And also an interesting idea of Enzo Ferraris to be seen: a Ferrari Indy-car. But this project has been canceled after a conflict between Ferrari and Bernie Ecclestone. What a pity, this car for sure would have had a good potential!
After a short way passing the paint-spray line, where the car body goes vertical into a soaking bath, you`ll get to the assembly hall. A very pleasant department in this area is the saddlery. Your nose will delightful taste the smell of finest leather!
In the historic factory building included is the newest department, Ferrari Classiche. It is an interesting place, where Ferrari cars older than 20 years get restored carefully and certified. Rare cars like 166 MM or 375 MM together with some covered exemplars, and it's silhouette tells everything...

Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 340 MM Vignale Spyder Ferrari 340 MM Vignale Spyder

At round 7pm the 100 Ferrari started up with direction Modena to enjoy the rest of the day with Italian deliciousness and the amazing scenery of the medieval city. The close to the "Piazza Grande" parked cars drove in the dusk to the famous place with the "San Geminiano", acclaimed by many Tifosi. With the last light of the day, the "Italian Renaissance Night" started, an outstanding open air theater with a great fireworks in the end.

Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 500 TR Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France
Aufgenommen am 22. Juni 2007
Veranstaltung: Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello / Fiorano
Ferrari 250 LM Ferrari 250 LM Ferrari 400 Superamerica Serie I Ferrari 288 GTO Ferrari 288 GTO Ferrari 212 Export Ghia-Aigle Ferrari 275 GTB-4

The Saturday was a very hot day, not only because of temperature, but because of the agenda as well.
It began with the arrival of the Ferrari relay. For more than 4 hours more than 1700 cars arrived at the Fiorano Racetrack! The surrounding green changed into a shiny red with several different color spots in between.
In the midst of the many modern Ferrari, several rare cars could be found, like the Ferrari 365 NART Spider, a 308 GT/M, a green Dino with original paint as well as diverse classic cars like the Daytona, 275 GTS, 250 California and many many more.

The Saturday meant a lot of work for the jury, because all cars of the Concorso d'Eleganza needed to be scrutinized. Every little detail, car body, lights, horn, engine and car interior has been checked meticulous.

Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale Ferrari 360 Modena Ferrari 365 GTB NART Spider Michelotti Ferrari 412 Cabriolet Ferrari 430 Berlinetta Ferrari 430 Spider Ferrari Enzo Ferrari Ferrari Enzo Ferrari Ferrari F40 Ferrari F50 Ferrari F50 Ferrari Dino 246 GT

A river in red with lots of international flags offered the spider-parade in the early afternoon. It symbolized the official arrival of the relay baton.
In the leading position the 125S with Raikkonen and Massa and the 360 Barchetta with Luca di Montezemolo and Niki Lauda presenting the red baton with the 60 symbols for each year of Ferrari history. Behind the 2 cars, a big group of Spiders followed, 328, 360, 430 F50, 500 Mondial and lots more.

Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 360 Barchetta Ferrari 430 Spider Ferrari 430 Spider Ferrari F50

Subsequent, the parade of the Concorso-participants followed. Beautiful and rare cars of international owners passed the enthused spectators. As there was for example the wonderful 212 Export (0137 E), designed by Michelotti. It is the only Ferrari made by Ghia-Aigle in Switzerland. Further on the delightful Ferrari 375 MM (0402 AM) in a large and elegant body by Scaglietti, the well known 250 LWB by Zagato (0515 GT), the enormous 365 California, a 330 TR, 250 LM or the marvelous 330 P4 to name only a few!

Ferrari 212 Export Ghia-Aigle Ferrari 375 MM Ferrari 250 LWB Zagato Ferrari 365 California Spyder Ferrari 330 TRI/LM Fantuzzi Spyder Ferrari 250 LM Ferrari 330 P4 Ferrari 250 SWB Bertone Ferrari 500 Mondial Berlinetta Serie I

Lots of F1-cars of different decades came up next, all driven by their former drivers or by the actual ones!
They started the presentation with the very first cars made by Enzo Ferrari: Ivan Capelli drove by with a 1932 Alfa Romeo P3, next came Nino Vaccarella in the only still existing Auto Avio Costruzioni 815 (1040), Piero Ferrari drove some laps with the 125 S, then Luca Badoer in the 375 F1, followed by Gerhard Berger in the 500 F2, then Andrea De Adamich in a Dino 166 F2, Felipe Massa with the 312 T, Jody Scheckter in a 312 T4, René Arnoux in his 126 C4, followed by Jean Alesi in the F1-90, with a lot of applause came up Michael Schumacher with the F2004, then Kimi Raikkonen in the actual F2007 and again Michael Schumacher with the FXX!

Ferrari 312 T Ferrari 248 F1 Ferrari 248 F1 Ferrari 248 F1 Ferrari 375 F1 Ferrari 500 F2 Ferrari Dino 166 F2 Ferrari Dino 166 F2 Ferrari 312 T4

In the evening, the presents of the 50 countries that got crossed by the relay have been auctioned. The achieved amount of 220000 Euro kept in good stead to the pediatric clinic of Bologna and Modena.

The press conference on Sunday showed an easy team, with Luca di Montezemolo in front. He introduced the Formula 1 team with the "younger brother of Felipe Massa", Kimi Raikkonen, "Jean Todt's father" and "an elegant old Italian", he talked of Piero Ferrari. After the international press got all answers, it was di Montezemolo who asked as "Hong Kong press journalist" some questions to Jean Todt.

Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello

Following the funny conference in the hot press tent, the price giving of the Concorso d'Eleganza took place. One after another, the winners drove up the ramp to get their prices handled out by one of the famous F1-drivers. After the price giving, the "Frecce Tricolori" of the Italian air force flew over Maranello and created stripes in the Italian colors and a final big one in red to give a salute to Ferrari.

Another F1-presentation followed and especially Kimi Raikkonen did some great donuts in fron of the spectators. Then, the two most important awards of the Concorso were given to the over-all winners. Best of show became the massive 330 P4 (0856). It is the only remaining of its kind and for many Ferrari enthusiasts the ultimate Ferrari race car. The best of show - award for the road cars went to the wonderful 375 MM (0402 AM).

In great heat with great cars the 60 years celebration ended. All participants for sure had a lot of fun seeing these beautiful cars of the Concorso and the F1-presentation with the fantastic and famous drivers. We are looking forward to the next round birthday and hope that the next event will be a bit more accessible to the public, because at last its the fans who made Ferrari to what it is: a dream for every car enthusiast.