Schedule 2010


Every year REDinFOCUS visits several Ferrari meetings. Even if the pictures, videos and short reports shown here don't obtain the atmosphere by far, we hope to be able to give you nevertheless a good impression. Perhaps you will come to the events presented here in the following years. You can find the current schedule on this page.

Modena Trackdays 2009
Spa Italia 2009
Concorso Villa d'Este 2009
Retro Classics 2009
Spa Italia 2008
Concorso Villa d'Este 2008
Inter Classics & Top Mobiel 2008
Ferrari Racing Days 2007
AvD Oldtimer Grandprix 2007
Schloss Dyck Classic Days 2007
Modena Motorsport Track Days 2007
Ferrari 60 Relay Maranello 2007
Spa Italia 2007
Ferrari 60 Relay Germany 2007
Ferrari Racingdays 2006
Oldtimer Grand Prix 2006
Spa Ferrari Days 2006
Ferrari Club New Zealand Charity Day 2006
Ferrari Club New Zealand Fun Run May 2006
Ferrari Club New Zealand Fun Run March 2006
Jim Clark Revival - Hockenheim 2006
Mario Bernardi 2005
Ferrari @ Scalaria 2005
Oldtimer Grand Prix 2005
Modena Motorsport Trackdays 2005
Spa Ferrari Days 2005
Spa Italia 2005
LMES - 1000km Spa 2005
Jim Clark Revival - Hockenheim 2005
Ferrari Racingdays 2004
AVD Oldtimer Grandprix 2004
Ferrari Days Spa 2004
FCD meets FCN 2004