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Sebastian Voß
Heiko Bardeli

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Sebastian Voß
Heiko Bardeli

AutoScout24 is specialising in motorsport-photography, focused on the brand Ferrari.
We take pictures with professional digital equipment to work always on high standard. is furthermore photo-journalistic operative for the Ferrari Magazin "Ferrari World", and for "Competizione", the internal magazine of the Ferrari Model Club e.V..
Furthermore we deliver pictures worldwide on inquiry for car magazines, advertising agencys, private individuals e.g.

All photos and videos are property of and they are only for private use. In case of comercial use please contact one of the editors.

Reference for reports/text : "Ferrari-Straßen- und Rennsportwagen seit 1946" of Braun, Fischer, Steinert, Storz; "Ferrari Sport- und Rennwagen, Prototypen" and "Ferrari Legende, Traum-Ferrari für Sport und Reise" of Antoine Prunet; "Das grosse Ferrari-Handbuch" of Peter Braun and Andreas Schulz

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